Here are our tips for travelling to Asia or travelling with Kids or travelling to Asia with kids:


Ergo Baby

Our most relied on everyday item at home and when travelling with kids – our Ergo360 baby carrier. You cannot beat having your hands free whilst carrying your child safely and comfortably. Perfect for airports,  busy streets with no footpaths and pretty much any situation you find yourselves in, all whilst keeping your baby feeling safe and secure.

Travel Cots

Lightweight Travel Cot by Phil and Teds

After checking in a 10kg Portacot on our first flight with Issy for a holiday in Byron Bay, Adam set me the challenge to find one that was less than 3kg. We found one. The Phil and Ted Traveller. We love this Portacot, it is light, takes about 5 minutes to set up and fits into a small tent like bag which fit in our check in Macpac Pack. We are still using it 4 years later- the self inflating mattress now requires us to manually inflate with about 10 puffs, but other than that is still in great shape. One of the best aspects is that this cot has a side opening so you don’t have to be bending over and lowering your bub (as a Physio – I know this repetitive action is the cause of lots of back pain in Mums and dads alike)

Hiking Carrier

Kelty Carrier

Given the nature of our trip to Myanmar we also thought it would be worth investing in a hiking pack. It could double as a daypack and carrier for Issy and given the likely hot temperatures would mean that we wouldn’t be carrying her directly on us. We purchased a Kelty Carrier second hand and it was amazing. We could have potentially done with the next model up which includes a shade cover as it’s tricky to keep a little one covered enough with a hat and sunscreen.