We are the Ross Family

We are a young family of 5 with three young daughters who are 4,2 and 4 months.

We believe in the quote that we learn from the things we do, not from those we don’t do.

We (Lisa and Adam) are professionals who enjoy their current careers as a physiotherapist and teacher/assistant principal.  We also happen to love travel, and think there is some truth to the millennial hashtag: #YOLO.  This is why we are taking 2019 to live out of Australia with our family.



We are grateful to be born in a country and system that provides us with privileges such as good income, great work entitlements and from family’s that instill solid values.  Lisa works three days a week as a physiotherapist at the local hospital is as of January 2018 is on maternity leave. Adam is an assistant principal at the local secondary school in Horsham (and former lawyer).  We’ve lived and worked in Melbourne, London, Darwin, but feel most home in the country particularly at our local football / netball club.

We love new experiences, and learning from others.  We’ve done some big things together including having 3 tackers (yep, huge), running a marathon in Prague, moving across the world and generally being supportive of each other’s aspirations and interests.

We love spending time with our family and friends.  Ads loves a beer with the boys.  Lise get energy and support from a group of great friends who all recognise the challenge of raising a family in Australia.

Travel gives us space, perspective, wonder and freedom –> and we have a bloody fun time while we’re at it.  Hell, we did it for 6 months together in 2009 when we “spent our first house deposit” on it, and have continued to invest ever since. We think that everyone should get out of their comfort zone, and that by doing so, we are better people when we return to our everyday lives.

We want to ensure that our choices are considered (and not automated responses to expectation) and recognise we need time and space “on the balcony” to do this.

We learn from the things we do, not from those we don’t do.

Hopefully on this trip we get to share this with you through our articles, photography and general meanderings.

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