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The Check List for planning a Family Gap Year

This plan of ours, to travel for one year with our 3 young daughters, is now less than 3 months away. For anyone considering something similar, with or without kids, here is a list of some of the big and not so big things to consider and start checking off.

Some of them, are frogs (the tasks that need to be done but you don’t enjoy) …others,  like selling and donating the excess in your life are immensely rewarding. (see future post on travel insurance and another  on what we are watching/reading/listening to for inspiration).

This is a paired down list without the sub categories needed for each task. For example the first step in selling our car involves fixing the slight little dent that Lisa acquired on a supermarket trip.

So here it is… our to do list for planning long term travel with kids.

We will endeavour to post our planned packing list in the next week. We have completed an immense amount of research and come to the realisation that we (Lisa more so) had started to buy into more consumerism in deciding what we needed for this trip! With the luxury of time – we still have 12 weeks until we leave – we have been able to lay out what we think we might take so that we can adjust it over the weeks to come and only purchase items that we need, will fit and will serve a purpose (or 3!).

Are we missing anything? Please tell us now!

Did we mention….

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